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One of the most significant city of the Veneto for its history, the name Vicenza finds its roots during the Roman period in 135 to. C and enjoys an important artistic heritage personified by the figure of Andrew Palladio.

Palladian Renaissance style is present everywhere in the city like the Place of the Lords with the Palladian Basilica, which was renewed in the 1500 by this famous architect.

Vicenza is also a modern city with a refined urban style.

The history and the culture of this splendid city surrounded by the hills Berici is not just limited to the Palladium but also to a glorious past inked nowadays in the streets of the city.

Noble place with luxurious abodes, magnificent plazas, naturalistic itineraries that lead the visitors to a walk among the gorgeous landscapes of the seven towns.
Vicenza, rich of an unique artistic patrimony,  invites its guests to stop with it the time to live.