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Company in Vicenza : Hotel Vicenza is committed to the diffusion of art and culture of the city but also of its active economic centre.

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 Vicenza companies: Vicenza economic centre


Vicenza is a very important industrial district for North East Economy where industries and factories are still growing up as well as companies for services during years. Industrial and hard-working city, Vicenza is recognised as a crucial economic and financial centre of Veneto, just few minutes from the motorway Venice Milan.

With more than 90.000 companies and 90 billion € of gross turnover, Vicenza is considered as a massive productive centre for the North East holding the highest concentration of companies : real added value for Vicenza and its provinces. The strong sectors of the economy start from the mechanics to the treatment of the skins, from the jewellery to the textile industry, from the workmanship of the ceramics to the production of furnishings up to the food industry. In all these the sectors Vicenza presents significant results and a leading position on the national and international markets.

Vicenza is the third largest industrial area by export of the Region Veneto. This is an exceptional result considering that this area is close to Milan, the financial capital of Italy and Turin, where Fiat has its head office, one of the most important European automotive industries.

Even more impressive, when we consider that the 11 billion 300 million euro of turnover in exports is achieved by a productive structure composed of small and medium sized companies, which are now very competitive on the international market. In fact, diversification and high technologic level are the success keys for these companies.

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