Vicenza: World Heritage

Unesco: Vicenza is listed in the World Heritage.

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Vicenza: World Heritage

Vicenza patrimonio dell'umanità e dell'unesco

December 15 th 1994, Vicenza has been included in The World Heritage List with its twenty-three Palladian monuments of the historical centre and three villas situated outside the city. The city of the Palladium represents a masterpiece of the human creative genius.

In a strong cultural context, Vicenza shows its development in the architecture, in the monumental art, urbanism and landscape.

The work of the Palladium, based on a study of classical Roman architecture, had a decisive influence on the evolution of the architecture that gave life to a characteristic architectural style spreading in Europe and in America of the North.

In 1996 the recognition of the UNESCO has worthily been conferred, including the Palladian villas of the whole provincial territory. Vicenza is therefore one of the sites UNESCO with 39 protected monuments.